Website/Apps Vetting

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To request an app/website or tool to be vetted use this link.  Site Principals and Curriculum and Instruction will be asked to approve the request before is sent to be vetted.

Click anywhere on this sentence to access the website/services vetting form.

To login, use the same information you use to log into the computer in the morning.

Looking to see if the website or iPad app is already vetted- Contact Bethany Thompson.

If you have any questions or aren't sure contact Bethany Thompson

Websites/apps only need to be submitted if they have students create login or collect student data.

If a website is blocked and you would like to have it unblocked, please make Help Desk ticket and include the website address and why you would like it unblocked.  Note - Google Sites may tell you that you are leaving the Google Sites click the link to access MyAVUSD.

Vetted Websites and Apps