iPad/Mac Support

Note: AVUSD can not currently reset your Apple ID password.  Please use the Apple ID website to reset your password.  https://iforgot.apple.com/password/verify/appleid

Downloadable Directions and Information

Apple ID and Login 

Your school site tech can activate your school Apple ID.  It is NOT recommended to use your personal Apple ID to log into your school device.  AVUSD staff have an AVUSD Apple ID.

If you wish to have a separate Apple ID in order to purchase apps on your own, it is recommended to make a "personal-professional" account.  That is, an account that is a professional account unconnected to your personal Apple ID, but different than your @avusd.org Apple ID.

Purchasing Apps

Purchasing apps is a multi-step process.

iPad Settings for Wonders

In order for students to see the Wonders books, they need to allow pop ups.  

This is step by step directions for students/parents in English and Spanish.