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If you already scheduled some conferences - no worries, you can have the rest sign up through Parent Square.  This video shows you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Parent Square

You will log into Parent Square through Aeries.  In Aeries, on the left side bar, push the "Communications" tab and it will automatically log you in.

If you are trying to log into the app or directly through, you can push the "login with Google" button and login with your AVUSD Google credentials.

For AVUSD staff- Do I need to create a login?

No, you can access Parent Sqaure two ways. The first way is by signing into your Aeries account and clicking on Communications in the navigation tree. The second way is by going through the ParentSquare app on your phone and logging in with your AVUSD Google account. 

As an AVUSD staff member do I need to download the app? 


Do parents need to download the app?


How do I login to send an announcement to my school site/class? 

You can login through Aeries or the ParentSquare app. Whichever one you prefer. 

Do parents and students need to create a login in order to receive communications from the district, school site and teachers?

No, they do not need to create a login to receive communications from the district, school site and teachers.

Why would parents and students need to create a login?

Parents and students will only need to create a login if they want to download and use the ParentSquare/StudentSquare app. The app is not required for receiving communications.

Why would we want parents to download the app?

Parents are not required to download the app but they’re more than welcome too. Using the app will allow parents a faster way to look up communications from their students' classes, groups and district office. Some parents may also prefer an app.

Will parents be able to access communications through their parent portal?

Yes, they will be able to access communications through their parent portal like they could before.

Why does it look different?

In order for us to fulfill all of our users needs we needed to upgrade to the new interface and features. 

Do I use the same account if I am a parent and have my own children in the district?

No.  Your parent account (linked to your children) and your teacher account are separate.  You will need to make sure that your parent account is set up with an email that is different than your AVUSD email.  If you need help doing this or are not sure, contact the help desk at 760 503 9800.

Do settings stay the same or will we need to re-establish them?

Settings will stay the same. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact the IT Help Desk ext. 20611.

Who do I contact if I need help?

The easiest way to get help on how to do something in Parent Square is to push the question mark icon at the top of the screen to search the knowledge base for videos and tutorials. 

If you have an issue with settings, student rosters or groups, please call the help desk at x20611.