March 2020

Remote Learning

March 2020 Remote Learning Hub


As we get guidance and updates regarding the remote learning plan, they will be posted here.

If you or a student have a technical issue (not related to instruction) you can call x20611 or 760 503 9800 to reach IT.

If you have a question about remote learning that hasn't been answered in the trainings, you can email it to and we will add it to the list of questions we will be posting answers to.

Important Info for Zoom

If you are planning a Zoom, please use these security features:

  • enable waiting room to ensure only your students get in

  • do no post the Zoom link on a public website

  • disable screensharing for anyone but the host

  • know how to mute everyone

Flipgrid Guidelines

Flipgrid is an amazing tool. Here are some guidelines for use. For more information on how to use Flipgrid see our Flipgrid curated list of resources.

March 2020 PE Resources

You need to be logged into your account to view. If it says you need permission you are not logged into your account.

March 2020 Training Resources

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Do you need translation or primary language help for a student?

March 30-April 3 Checklist

The planning document has recommendations for interactions and expectations for teachers.

AVUSD Teacher Guidance

Need Help? Contact your site EdTech Coach

Rocio Prado- Desert Knolls

Aurora Mendoza- Phoenix Academy (Lower Grades)

Robert Thomas - Phoenix Academy (Upper Grades)

Jessica Macy - HDPA

Ashley Mallard- Mariana

Jessica Ward- Sycamore Rocks

Tracie Bennett- Rio Vista, Sandia Academy

Luis Calderon- Rancho Verde

Eric Zachary - Sitting Bull (Upper Grades)

Rebecca Mundo - Sitting Bull (Lower Grades)

Monica Loaiza-Arcilla- Vanguard

Audrey Rangel - Vanguard (Lower Grades)

Kris Von Kaenel- Yucca Loma

Bethany Thompson- Apple Valley High School

Seth Watts- Granite Hills High School

Cynthia Blackford - Sandia

Contacting your site EdTech Coach has never been easier!

Send an email, or for an even faster response and even a video chat (like FaceTime) go to and send them a message.

Example Lesson Plans Using Templates-

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This document has generic access codes for district resources.

Copy of Generic Access Codes & Programs that operate through Clever

Story Time Science

Sean and Pam Gillette from the AV Center for Innovation are creating science videos for students. Open the video and follow their YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

Things you might find helpful

How to change student Google Passwords - Note, if you don't see the option to change passwords email and say exactly "I do not have the option to change student passwords, can you check that my role in the Admin console is set to be able to change passwords in my OU only."