Google Meet

Transitioning from Zoom to Google Meet?  No problem.  We're here to help.

In addition to these resources on-demand training is available in The AVUSD Happy Trails Alludo Game.

Introduction to Google Meet

Downloadable Directions and Setting Recommendations

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Step by Step Directions

Download the directions to print on the left and/or watch the process on the right.

How to Create a Meet in a Calendar Event

Create a Google Meet From Calendar.pdf

Entering a Google Meet and Turning on Captions

Entering a Google Meet and Turning on Captions or Translations.pdf

Adding Google Meet to Canvas

Adding Google Meet Link on Canvas.pdf

FAQs about Google Meet

Do you need to have a gmail account to use Google Meet?

No.  Anyone can join the Google Meet room.  However if the person doesn't have a gmail account they will need to be invited and let into the virtual room by the Meet organizer.  For more information on Google Meets visit this support page.

What is the difference between Google Meet and Zoom?

Google Meet is part of our existing Google Workspace for Education.  It runs through the web browser or through an app on a phone or mobile device.  Zoom is mostly run through the Zoom app.

Is there a time restriction on Google Meet?


Can anyone join a Google Meet?

Yes.  You can invite users from outside the district.